2019 Hocking Hills Liberty Camp Recap Video

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Nicholas Kudlapur

July Fourth in Logan

It has been many years since Minutemen first appeared on the village green. On Thursday evening, July 4, we took a step back in time in downtown Logan to celebrate the origins of Independence Day and to pay honor to the 56 men who mutually pledged to each other, and to future generations of Americans, their lives, their fortune, and their Sacred Honor when they signed the Declaration of Independence. A very special thank you to Logan Mayor Greg Fraunfelter for welcoming those in attendance, to Brian Mason for opening the event with prayer, to Montanna Stringer for leading the Pledge of Allegiance, to Sharon Hardman for singing the National Anthem, to Jim Hiles, Ed Zell, and Bob Hill for reading the Declaration of Independence, to Jim and Bob for calling the role of the colonies and the names of the signers, to Hocking County Commissioner Jeffrey Dickerson for arranging for and ringing the Liberty Bell, to Bob Hill, Al Gummere, and Jim Hiles for firing the muskets, to Brian Mason for sharing information about the signers and the fates they faced, and to Sharon Hardman for closing the program by leading the audience in the singing of God Bless America. Also a special thank you to the Republican Women of Hocking County who were there to serve those in attendance with ice cream and cold water on a very warm evening. The Liberty Bell rang 13 times, once for each of the original colonies.

Hocking Valley Chapter 
Sons of the American Revolution mucket fire
The mayor of Logan
Greg Fraunfelter
Jim Hiles reading
It was such a nice day.

Hocking Valley Chapter 
Sons of the American Revolution

Hocking Valley Chapter 
Sons of the American Revolution and
Sharon Hardman
Ed Zell

Hocking Valley Chapter 
Sons of the American Revolution

Pardon me America

Witness the dramatic reenactment of a revolutionary War soldier who being convicted of crimes worthy of death…. foolishly stood before a firing squad with a pardon a still in his hands. Also enjoy revolutionary era ‘Field Music’ from Heritage Fifes and drums.

Cornerstone’s creative arts team will perform God Bless America! as well.

At Cornerstone Baptist Church July 7th at 3pm

Fourth of July

Wear your red, white, and blue, bring a lawn chair, and Celebrate Independence at Worthington Park in beautiful downtown Logan on Thursday, July 4 at 7 PM! There will be a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence. The event will feature members of the Hocking Valley Chapter Sons of the American Revolution with their muskets, the Liberty Bell, and Logan’s Sharon Hardman. Ice cream with toppings and water will be available for a donation. After the Celebration of the origins of Independence Day, enjoy Logan’s fireworks at the fairgrounds.

~Denise whalen

The British Are Coming

Noticed a new book on the American Revolution circling around the internet and the title attracted my attention. What is wrong with it? Hopefully, it is explained in the book.

The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775–1777 by Rick Atkinson (Henry Holt and Co., 2019).

New books on the American Revolution often focus on anything other than the military campaigns from 1775 to 1781. Journal of the American Revolution award winners, for instance, have featured the roles of individuals, Native Americans, and the events on the periphery. But Rick Atkinson’s The British Are Coming is the opening volley of what has become in the twenty-first century a bit of a throwback: a multivolume narrative military history.
It is unlikely that a major publisher would have ventured on such a project without an author such as Atkinson. But his previous Liberation Trilogy, which followed the American Army through World War II from its landing in North Africa to the fall of Berlin garnered accolades from critics, strong sales, and  a Pulitzer Prize. By so doing it proved the multivolume military history genre, which harkens back to such writers as Shelby Foote, Bruce Catton, and Allan Nevins, was still viable in our age of omnipresent screens and 280-character “tweets.”

Atkinson’s newest work covers the period from March 1775, just before Lexington and Concord, through Trenton and Princeton at the end of 1776.  Weighing in at nearly 600 pages of narrative text (exclusive of bibliography, notes, and index) and focused almost entirely on its military aspects, his account promises to be as detailed military history of the war as we will see in our lifetimes upon its completion.
Rick Atkinson.
The choice of the American Revolutionary War for his next project is an interesting one. John Sterling, editor-at-large of Atkinson’s publisher, Henry Holt, explains that it has been several decades since we’ve seen a “start-to-finish battle history of the American Revolution.” In addition, more recent works have lacked the detail required to relate the emotional depths of those who personally experienced it to the modern reader. It is this gap Atkinson seeks to close with what Sterling characterizes as a “re-imagination” of the war….. Click here for the full article at Journal of the American Revolution.

Mr. Dye

Mr. Dye’s unedited video from 2017.

Due to a hard drive failure we lost all the raw video from our 2015 ( our first) liberty camp. At the end of the second day of liberty camp 2016 I was shocked to realized the camera did not store Mr. Dye’s video. So for 2017 liberty camp I made sure his station was recorded first and saved it directly to my lap top. So attached is that video unedited. I feel bad that I don’t have more video of this great man.

“HVCSAR lost a long time member, Mr. John Dye, on February 8, 2018. We are saddened by his passing and truly blessed to have known him. His love for history and his passion to share it with everyone enriched so very many…young and old. We will build on the tremendous knowledge that John shared with us all and carry on with teaching about how this wonderful country began. He will be missed but certainly never forgotten.”

John Theodore Dye Obituary 

Liberty Camp 2016

In the words of George Washington, “with a firm reliance on Divine Providence” and by the Grace of God, the first ever Hocking Hills Liberty Camp became a reality in Aug. of 2015.  Camp was held on the grounds of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan and was for children ages 8-12.

Liberty Camp 2015


The first ever Hocking Hills Liberty Camp was held August 3 – 7, 2015 on the grounds of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan, Ohio. The camp was for children ages 8-12, and 36 campers attended.


In the words of George Washington, “with a firm reliance on Divine Providence” and by the Grace of God, the first ever Hocking Hills Liberty Camp became a reality the week of Aug. 3-7, 2015.  Camp was held on the grounds of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan and was for children ages 8-12.

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Two new short videos

I am happy to present two new short videos from Liberty Camp 2016.

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