Liberty Camp, Lakeland Florida

Living Liberty Camps hosted by Maureen Siebold are making an impact in Florida! Here is a brief video of their efforts.

Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids first promotional video.

Email sent out for Constitution class

Hello everyone!
I am sending this to all of you who pre-registered for the Constitution Class to remind you that we begin our journey tomorrow evening, September 21, from 7 – 9 p.m. at Ebenezer.  We will be meeting in the Sanctuary on the main campus.
I am looking forward to sharing this class with you.  It is a great time to study the original intent of our Founding Fathers in light of all that is happening in our country.  We will not only be learning about the Constitution; we will also apply it to current events.  It should make for some lively discussion!
This class is informal, so dress for comfort, and feel free to bring capped water bottles or other drinks as you prefer.
See you tomorrow evening!
In Liberty,
Denise Whalen

Hocking Hills Liberty Camp features on OFRW website

Our camp is featured on the home page of the Ohio Federal of Republican Woman (OFRW) website,which was just updated in September. 

ohiowohiow2Check it out at

Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is launching partnership to create Liberty camps

ILCInstitute on the Constitution (IOTC) is launching partnerships with churches and liberty groups all across America to start Liberty Camps for 7-12 year olds! Similar to a Vacation Bible School, this camp will give youth an interactive learning experience of colonial America. It will teach the next generation about the colonial Christian heritage we have in America and how that heritage permeates and underlines our form of government. We want you to be encouraged and would love to help you reach this upcoming generation that we all know needs to be taught!

The Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids is featured on their new website and you can see our photos being presented in a slide show at the bottom.

You can also see us in their new Liberty Camp promo video.

Go on over to and check them out.

New Workshop – “Shattering America’s Trance”


Don’t miss this special workshop! Shattering America’s Trance The truth is Americans do not see the mess we are in. • They do not know the Affordable Care Act dictates to doctors. • That sustainable development strips land rights from community members. • Or that Common Core lowers, not raises educational standards while collecting and sharing sensitive student data with thousands of prying eyes. The more conservatives warn people, the more we are ridiculed. Now, community by community, we are changing the fight.

Shattering America’s Trance is a new workshop that arms freedom lovers with the words, the techniques and the information to smash through the phony stereotypes, win community members and make bullies look as silly as they are. Ever walk away saying, “If only I’d said that!” We show you how to have the right words at the right time to overcome apathy and misinformation. It is time to stop preaching to the choir and start uniting communities behind issues that affect them.

Special Event Logan Clip


Come join our exciting workshop.

Full day workshop is from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Register at

Constitution Class for Adults/Teens



A great adult/teen class to introduce you to the Constitution,
our Biblical heritage and limited government. Twelve classes –
90 minutes each – comprised of videos and group discussion.

Beginning with the Bible, you will learn the origins of law and government. Next, stories of America’s discovery, settlement
and evangelization from exciting, primary sources you never saw
in school! Lastly, discussion of the Founding Fathers’ worldview leads straight to the text of the Constitution.

Video instructors are Master Teacher David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders, and Lt. Col. John Eidsmoe, Constitutional Attorney and professor with degrees in theology, law and political science.

This timely and relevant course is FREE. Student Workbook –
with outlines, founding documents and much more – is $35.

CLASS DATES & TIME – Sept. 21st. Monday 7-9pm. lasts 12 weeks
CLASS LOCATION – Ebenezer Baptist Church
6935 TWP Rd 234 Logan, ohio 43138

To sign up click here.

Constitution Day

September 17th is Constitution Day and for the occasion we will be handing out over 330 pocket Constitutions to students at the middle school.


Liberty Camp 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.37.25 PMChildren, ages 8 to 12 are invited to make discoveries they’ll never forget at the Hocking Hills first “Liberty Camp” for kids! REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 31, 2015.

Please register your child(ren) (by CLICKING ON the BLUE BUTTON on the right side of this page) for a fun and meaningful week where they can travel through time from 1215 A.D., and the Magna Carta, to the Founding Fathers signing our United States Constitution.

Highlights to Experience

• God’s role in the creation of our beloved country.

• Visually travel thru time learning about the Story of the Magna Carta; King John Lackland (who was the brother of Richard, the Lionhearted), first translation of the Bible, first printing press and the stories that go with each of these. We then look at the hardships the Pilgrims had to endure as we travel the road from Tyranny to Liberty.

• You will be making butter as the colonists had to do, grind corn to use for their bread and feed their animals, learning about the work the children had to do and play games the children played.

• In rebellion to the excessive taxes King George III levied on the colonists, you will dress as the patriots did in Indian costumes, go to the ship and toss ALL the tea into the sea.

• You will feel what Gen. Washington’s men felt as they crossed the Delaware River and marched to Trenton in their bare feet because our young country had no money to buy them shoes.

• You will sign your very own Constitution. • During opening ceremonies each day, you will learn about our flag and the history of The Star Spangled Banner.

• We will be visited through out the week by various people from our history. On the last day we are planning a family event with a picnic and special activities.

Where is it held? Cornerstone Baptist Church, 15024 SR 328 Logan Ohio 43138

What is the cost? Liberty Camp is offered for $15 per child, $5 per additional child in the family. A discount will be given for children whose parents volunteer.

When is it held? August 3 – 7 Monday through Friday, 6:15 PM through 9 PM.