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 Honoring Revolutionary War Patriots laid to rest in Granville Ohio’s Old Colony Burying Ground.

The Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids will be joining The Hocking Valley Chapter Sons of the American Revolution and others to honor 5 soldiers laid to rest at Old Colony Burying Ground. This will be the 3rd year we have participated in this event. It is always an honor and we look forward to …

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Boston Tea Party 250th Event 

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum will be holding a grand reenactment of the tea party celebrating the 250th anniversary. We see this as a great opportunity to get our children involved in history. They are looking for loose-leaf tea donations to be tossed into the Boston harbor. During Saturday activities this year, the …

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Volunteers Needed

We are in the final stages of planning for the Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids and we are looking for Volunteers. Without the passion of our volunteers, we could not do what we do for the children. It takes a lot of hands-on deck to make Liberty Camp operate smoothly. From the governors who …

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Become a sponsor of the 2023 Hocking Hills Liberty Camp

Do you know an individual or a business that would be willing to become a sponsor of Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids?  3E Learning Enterprises is a 501C3 Not for Profit educational organization that orchestrates the success of Hocking Hills Liberty Camp.  All donations towards 3E Learning Enterprises for camp are tax-deductible.  All donors …

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Cincinnati Chapter SAR writes an article on 2022 Liberty Camp

Liberty Camp Event – Logan Ohio – Teaching Living History of the American Revolution to Youth Posted on August 2, 2022 by Tim Madden The last week of July, there was a special event in Logan Ohio. “The Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids” was hosted by Liberty Camp, 3E Learning Enterprises.  This organization has a Facebook Page …

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Remembering Matt Hardman

In memory of Matt Hardman Matt has been a member of the 3E Learning Enterprises Board of Directors for the past 5 years. He served as fundraising co-chair for Hocking Hills Liberty Camp and was instrumental in developing our fundraising program. Matt was an ordained Methodist Minister. He was Past President of the Hocking Valley …

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Planting of the First Liberty Tree

Last year (2021) the Liberty Camp for Kids extended its camp week from 5 days to 6 days, ending on Saturday, July 31st. The traditional Friday Family Day was moved to Saturday and a new tradition was added, the planting of a Liberty Tree. With the approach of America’s 250th Anniversary in 2026, it is …

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2016 Liberty Camp Video

The long-awaited 2016 Liberty Camp videos are finally here! Below you will find the extended version of the video we recently uploaded to Facebook. Enjoy and please support the 2017 Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids!

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