Cincinnati Chapter SAR writes an article on 2022 Liberty Camp

Liberty Camp Event – Logan Ohio – Teaching Living History of the American Revolution to Youth

Posted on August 2, 2022 by Tim Madden

The last week of July, there was a special event in Logan Ohio.

“The Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids” was hosted by Liberty Camp, 3E Learning Enterprises.  This organization has a Facebook Page for “The Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids” in which they share photos and stories about Liberty Camp, but also share pages from other sites such as the SAR, Fort Laurens Museum, and history in general.   You can visit their Facebook page to learn more about their mission and activities at:

The “3E Learning Enterprises” is a separate nonprofit group that began teaching adult classes on the US Constitution.  In 2015 they founded the Liberty Camp in Logan and the Hocking Valley Chapter OHSSAR has helped them every year from the beginning.

There are many volunteers, reenactors, and teachers associated with the camp including representatives of the SAR.

A number of members of The Sons of the American Revolution participated in this week-long hands-on camp for young adults, assisting and teaching them about the history of the American Revolution.

To give you a flavor of the participation by SAR members, here are a couple of stories told by SAR members who participated:

As told by Ed Bonniwell (Cincinnati Chapter):

Today I was the guest speaker for Liberty camp in Logan, Ohio . What an honor!

Here I am (left) standing with our Ohio State President Jack Brendenforeder (right) and Tom Hankins (center), a very close friend.

My topic today focused on Major General “Mad “ Anthony Wayne. I have never been so captivated by a colonial personality. There is a sense in which major General “ Mad” Anthony Wayne is the man most responsible for winning the American Revolution. The camp sits on the grounds owned by a lovely Baptist church that has asked me to come and preach there so I said yes

As told by Bob Hill (Ohio SAR Color Guard):

Sunday:  Immediately after our very busy days at Fort Laurens in Bolivar, Ohio on Friday and Saturday, on Sunday I was in Logan helping set up tents and equipment for the upcoming week of Liberty Camp for Kids.

Tuesday:  on Tuesday, Bob will teach three separate classes on Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, assisted by compatriot Al Gummere who held up the lantern signals “One if by land, Two if by sea,” and fired with his musket “The shot heard ’round the world.”

Each year I always wonder how I’m going to talk to these kids for 20 minutes at a time and keep their attention. But each year I always underestimate myself and their interest. The kids were wonderful, attentive, and inquisitive. I always finish feeling satisfied I’ve done my small part in educating them more on early American history.

In one photo the kids enjoy reenacting the Boston Tea Party and throwing the King’s tea into our grassy Boston Harbor. In the other photos, I practice Revere’s warning, “The Regulars are coming out!” (to be historically accurate, Paul Revere did NOT say “The British are coming!”).

We also did The Meaning of the 13 Folds flag ceremony for the kids on Tuesday.

Wednesday:  On Wednesday I dressed as a dragoon, and with several of my compatriots, we will formally post the Colors and give presentations on the Continental Army soldier, the Militia, and the Continental Army surgeon and medicine. If it isn’t raining, we’ll fire a musket salute.

Thursday:  On Thursday I will drill the kids and teach them manual-of-arms with fake wooden muskets they will carry. There are many other classes and activities going on at this camp. I’m just telling you my part.

Saturday: Saturday will be Family Day, and we’ll help the kids plant a Liberty Tree. Our Ohio Society SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder will pay us a visit, and Pastor Ed Bonniwell will be keynote speaker.

History is part of learning about our past, so we can use the experiences to forge our future.

Thanks to the volunteers who hosted this event!

Volunteer?  If any SAR members are interested in volunteering for the next Camp for Kids, please reach out to Bob Hill at:  Bob sits on the Board of this fine organization and can assist in finding out how you can participate in this wonderful program.

Thanks to the young adults who took the time to participate.

Thanks to the parents of these children who supported their children participating in this weeks events.

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