What is the Liberty Camp for Kids?

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Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids will submerse children in the history of the founding of our nation with a fun twist that they will talk about for years. Kids will learn about the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Boston Tea Party (tea over board!), history of our National Anthem, our American flag, the revolutionary war, and much more! All of this is in an interactive environment. Please help support this cause.

An evening American History interactive camp for ages 8 – 12

Dates: July 22nd – 26th, 2019

Come join us in our interactive travel through time, 1215 A.D., and the Magna Carta, to the Founding Fathers signing our United States Constitution.

Highlights to Experience (May be subject to change)

  • God’s role in the creation of our beloved country.
  • Visually travel thru time learning about the Story of the Magna Carta; King John Lackland (who was the brother of Richard, the Lionhearted). We will look at early settlements and the hardships the Pilgrims had to endure and Jamestown.
  • You will play with and look at colonial toys and learn about what everyday colonial life was like and watch a colonial woman use her spinning wheel to spin yarn for her fabrics!
  • In rebellion to the excessive taxes King George III levied on the colonists, you will dress as the patriots did in Indian costumes, go to the ship and toss ALL the tea into the sea.
  • You will travel back in time and meet Continental soldiers, the Colonial Militia and a Revolutionary War surgeon.
  • You will meet the Rev. Peter Muhlenberg and learn how he recruited 300 men to fight against the British in one day!
  • Campers will sign their own Declaration of Independence and march with a Fife and Drum Corp!
  • You will feel what Gen. Washington’s men felt at Valley Forge as they marched in their bare feet because our young country had no money to buy them shoes.
  • You will find out who Isaac Potts is and why he knew the Continental Army would win!
  • We will be visited through out the week by King George III, Robin Hood and Patrick Henry.
  • You can invite your family and friends to come share a pot-luck picnic on Friday evening as the Campers get their certificates, play Patriot Dodgeball and much more.

Where is it held?  Cornerstone Baptist Church, 15024 SR 328 Logan Ohio 43138

What is the cost? Liberty Camp is offered for $25 per child, $15 per additional child in the family.   

When is it held?  July 22nd- 26th 2019, Monday through Friday, 6:00-9:00pm. 


Sin your children up for Liberty Camp now.

                          Sign your children up for Liberty Camp now.

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