New Workshop – “Shattering America’s Trance”


Don’t miss this special workshop! Shattering America’s Trance The truth is Americans do not see the mess we are in. • They do not know the Affordable Care Act dictates to doctors. • That sustainable development strips land rights from community members. • Or that Common Core lowers, not raises educational standards while collecting and sharing sensitive student data with thousands of prying eyes. The more conservatives warn people, the more we are ridiculed. Now, community by community, we are changing the fight.

Shattering America’s Trance is a new workshop that arms freedom lovers with the words, the techniques and the information to smash through the phony stereotypes, win community members and make bullies look as silly as they are. Ever walk away saying, “If only I’d said that!” We show you how to have the right words at the right time to overcome apathy and misinformation. It is time to stop preaching to the choir and start uniting communities behind issues that affect them.

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Come join our exciting workshop.

Full day workshop is from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

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