Hocking Hills Liberty Camp 2021

A Fun, Educational, Interactive American History Camp!

The 2021 Hocking Hills Liberty Camp for Kids is about to begin! July the 26th through the 31st! 
(Monday through Friday, 6 – 9 p.m. & Saturday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Ages 8 to 12 years of age.

Registration is still open. Click HERE to register! 

Watch this video showing highlights of our last Liberty Camp!

Every day starts with a Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and we close with singing “God Bless America” with glow necklaces or bracelets. Campers earn Liberty Camp coins during the week and get to spend those coins on Saturday! We will be visited by some historical characters! Watch out for King George and his taxes! 

  • Campers will learn about the Magna Carta, what Colonial Family life was like.
  • Watch a “spinster” using a Spinning Wheel and making yarn from rabbit fur!
  • Watch a real Blacksmith.
  • Play with Colonial toys (Cup & Ball, Whirlygig, Game of Graces)
  • Learn how to write with real quill pens and ink and sign your own Declaration of Independence.
  • Eat a “Pilgrim Hat” cookie, a Joe Frogger cookie and maybe some patriotic ice cream! 
  • Watch a Flag folding ceremony by the Sons of the American Revolution.
  • Learn about the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Intolerable Acts, Paul Revere and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Throw tea into the Boston Harbor!
  • Be visited by Revolutionary War reenactors, the 8th PA regiment!
  • Watch a real Revolutionary war style cannon be fired!
  • Learn about the Continental Army, the Militia and Revolutionary War Surgeons by the Sons of the American Revolution. 
  • Learn about Valley Forge and who Isaac Potts was. 
  • Learn the history of the Star Spangled Banner.
  • Hear about our US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Learn about the difference between Democracy vs. a Republic.

And much more….

On Saturday we will:

  • Give out Camper certificates and goodie bags.
  • Present the John Dye Camper of the Year awards.
  • Enjoy a Picnic.
  • Visit the Liberty Store. 
  • Play Patriot Dodge Ball.
  • Plant a Liberty Tree.
  • Close listening to the Heritage Fifes & Drums!

Registration is still open. Click HERE to register! 

Where is it held?  Cornerstone Baptist Church, 15024 S.R. 328, Logan, Ohio 43138

What is the cost? Liberty Camp is offered for $25 per child, $15 per additional child in the family.   

When is it held? July 26 – July 31 (Monday through Friday, 6 – 9 p.m. & Saturday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

For more information or questions please email: 3elearningenterprises@gmail.com

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